Description: Smooth, round, 14 mm cal. barrel signed "Regnier Inv."; the pistol is provided with two flintlocks, the right one without the vent for the barrel but provided with a screwed, brass lantern, the opening with circular, convex lens, cover and magazine for the candle. Activating the lock the lantern lights up through a large, tube-shaped vent. The left lock activates the shoot and is also provided with a large, revolving foot which makes possible to place the lantern pistol on a flat surface. Wooden full stock with iron mounts (military?) and ramrod. For Regnier see "Der Neue St?ckel", Vol. II, page 1022. Regnier, who was gunsmith, "Mechanikus" and inventor, worked in Edme, Semur-en Auxois, C?te-d'Or and finaly in Paris. He invented the dynameter and a cannon with solar cock. He was one of the founders of the Mus?e de l'arm?e in Paris, being the first curator.
dating: circa 1800
dimensions: length 29 cm.


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